Rigid Couplings
PTO&C are a leading supplier of rigid couplings (disc couplings) supplying to some of the largest manufacturers of single-bearing alternators. Due to our experience in the industry, we understand our customers needs, and by utilising advanced technology, we can quickly manufacture "custom" couplings to satisfy any application, even in small lots.
Flexible Couplings
BC Series Bush Clamp Couplings
These claw couplings are similar to the GC series, but are equipped with taper bushes to provide a quick and efficient fitting method, and which will accommodate a range of shaft diameters & tolerances.These couplings are also offered with a wide choice of drive flanges to both SAE & special non-SAE designs for engine flywheel drives.
We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer series GCX couplings which conform to 94/9/CE "ATEX". These are equipped with special acryl-nitrile elements which while not transmitting static electricity are also resilient to oil & grease should accidental spillage occur.

GC & GL Series Couplings

These extremely reliable shaft to shaft claw couplings may be used in applications where longitudinal movement is possible on either the prime mover, or the driven component shafts, in order to replace the flexible elements. GCF Couplings are offered with both shaft drive hubs and a wide choice of SAE & special non-SAE drive flanges for engine flywheel drives.
GCF & GLF Series Couplings
These are GC & GL couplings with standard drive hub and range of SAE flanges are specifically intended for use in engine flywheel drive applications,often where the coupling flange is enclosed within a housing cover plate.
GCL Series Couplings
The GCL series of spacer couplings retains the technical drive characteristics of the GC coupling with their unique flexible elements.
The transmissible torque ranges from 78 Nm to 1470 Nm for types 8 to 110 couplings respectively.
GMC & GML Series Couplings
These special claw couplings are similar to the GC Series, but are fitted with a two-piece drive hub with removable drive ring to facilitate disconnection of the drive and the replacement of the flexible elements, without the need to move either of the hubs.
GMCF & GMLF Series Couplings
These are GMC & GML couplings with special drive hub and range of SAE flanges designed to fit directly onto diesel engine flywheels, yet the flexible elements may be replaced without removal of the coupled components.

GP Series Couplings
These versatile couplings with their unique rubber ring elements, offer an excellent degree of reliability, yet with good flexibility, tolerance of high angular misalignment and a wide range of applications with many variants.

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